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Here is a small sample of the websites we are proud to have produced.

An international business with bases in the UK and at Silverstone. Race-Keeper is definately involved in an exciting world. This site works hard to present these products extremely clearly as well as providing on-line transactions in multiple currencies to two separate business offices. The front page of the site uses some incredible video footage at full screen width.


The Yard

In 2014 Jim's Yard Restaurant in Stamford changed ownership and became No.3 The Yard. The site was in much need of a makeover so we created this site that is very visual, and resizes for mobile phones. We worked hard to help the busy owner create a brilliant site, and transfer over from the old site, without him having to spend too much time on it. The food is amazing too. visit


Cordless Consultants is a dynamic and exciting business based in Central London providing a range of solutions for businesses to make the best use of their work spaces. The site needed to be visually stimulating, easy to use and in keeping with their strong brand identity.


GTT Europe

GTT Europe is an industrial marketing team working in Leicestershire who support major international manufacturers across Europe. The Website Business has helped GTT with major repositioning of their business marketing communications. We have worked with GTT to produce a new visual approach, much clearer presentation of the benefits of their products, and a clearer organisation of their portfolio to make navigation much slicker. There are also some really clever product design tools on the site to help GTT to demonstrate complex offers quickly and without cost. In addition we have produced brochures which complement this approach. Visit the website at:


Variohm EuroSensor

The most trusted and reliable supplier of specialist sensors and transducers in Europe. Variohm Eurosensor has been a leading single source supplier of sensors and associated electronic systems since 1974. Our aim is to provide an efficient, cost-effective and totally flexible service to customers, irrespective of their size, business or geographical location.

Variohm EuroSensor have been working closely with The Website Business for many years. As a B2B Component Distributor they have a large portfolio of product and data that they need to distribute which they can administer themselves through their Content Management System. Because Variohm product is very specialist and needs personal selling / support the website encourages customers to call the specific engineer who manages any one product. The site is modern and easy to use with a latest news section. It is designed to be highly visible on search engines. Visit the website at:


The Richardson Partnership for Care

The Richardson Partnership is a modern care home business providing incredible care for people with acquired Brain Injuries and those with learning difficulties. The website helps them find new patients and communicate with stakeholders. Its a very sensitive business. Great care is required in everything we do. Visit



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